The vast majority of our new constructions come from an amazing joint venture between Jason Giardina of "K & G Contracting, LLC" and Steven Field of "Darwin Homes." Jason is the Builder, and Steven is the Land Developer/Consultant. Both of them have a strong belief in the urban core neighborhoods of Tampa, and try to focus their new developments in The Heights. They specialize in building the opposite of "cookie cutter" homes and strive for each home to be unique in its own way.

Jason Giardina- 

Was born and raised in Tampa. His career in construction began at a very young age. As early as he could hold a hammer, he was helping his dad on job sites renovating 1920s bungalows in Seminole Heights and other historic parts of Tampa. As he got older, this eventually grew to become his passion. He started gaining experience on his own by investing in and restoring historical older bungalows to their former glory. People started to take notice in his great attention to detail and design expertise. Before he knew it, he was being used as a consultant for other properties undergoing major renovations. In 2010, he created a new business called "Independent Access Solutions." This company was primarily structured for specializing in home renovations for disabled veterans through the special adaptive housing grants offered to veterans. Many of these projects were multi-faceted, in that the renovations were not only functional for the veterans to be able to live a more independent lifestyle, but were also aesthetically pleasing using the latest technology and products. These special grants involved major renovations of all areas of the veterans’ homes which took many months to complete. During this time, he was responsible for the entire project, from permitting, to hiring subcontractors, ordering and scheduling delivery of materials, ensuring the appropriate inspections through government entities, and multiple meetings with the family members to ensure the home would be renovated in accordance with the veteran’s needs and wishes. The next eventual step for him was to start building from the ground up. He became a partner in K & G Contracting, which would specialize in high quality, unique and highly detailed homes that were exact replicas of the 1920s ones that he used to restore with his father. The feedback from the community was incredible and it resulted in a large demand for his homes and not enough land to build them on. 

Steven Field- 

Originally a New Yorker, moved to Florida to obtain his MBA from the University of Miami. So it goes without saying that he has a great love for the state of Florida. After college, he took out a small business loan to start his own very stylish yet casual clothing store. "Tops 'N' Bottoms" quickly grew to become an industry leader, a chain of stores started to blossom throughout major malls in the northeast. A short time later, Steven found himself partnering up on "California Dreamer, Inc." This was an active wear and shoe brand that would gain major traction with well known spokesman for the company, such as Bruce Jenner. In 1995 he started making a transition into the housing related industry. He started up a medical alert and home security system that would cater to senior citizens. After much success, and a desire to provide something of meaning, Steven started up "Invincible Associates." It was a company that specialized in energy saving home improvement systems. The company grew throughout the state of Florida, and eventually to Arizona and Southern California. He oversaw this company for many years, and then went on to use his exceptional business skills in consulting various companies. Steven began investing in Real Estate throughout Tampa as "Darwin 3906, LLC" also known to some as Darwin Homes. It was named after his first rehab 3906 N. Darwin Ave, Tampa. Inevitably Steven and Jason met after Steven hired him to oversee his jobs. From there, the friendship and business relationship grew. Steven brought the capital for much needed additional land, and also oversees the land development. He consults in the growth of both companies and assists in all of the day to day operations. 


They now have a Joint Venture partnership and work together to create exceptional homes on diverse lots in the urban core of Tampa. With both of them accepting nothing short of perfection, their line of homes aim to be unique, high quality and still at a reasonable price to their future homeowners.