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Middle Bay Homes is a partnership of Cory Frier and William Daniel formed because they saw a need in the market to provide a high quality, fairly priced home. They have both previously worked for James Hardie!

They have 20+ years of experience in the market meaning that they will be around and will always be there to assist in the unlikely event that there were a problem with your new home. They value their reputation in the market and they have the financial stability to resolve any issues that may arise. They also greatly value reliability and responsiveness from their business partners and they also demand it of themselves. If you choose to do business with them, you will find that same dedication of your job-site. They also value a safe and clean job-site as much as you do and that is reflective in their daily operations!

Cory Frier

A Tampa native, Cory brings his experience as a production home builder in the Tampa market and his MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Florida to the business. Giving Middle Bay Homes an insider perspective on the production end and what exactly it is a homeowner wants and expects. Cory was also an install representative and sales manager for James Hardie in the Florida market! Cory helps with many of the accounting and construction aspects of the business.


William Daniel

Also a Tampa area native, and graduate of the University of Tampa, Will brings his 8 years of experience working for the leading siding manufacturer in the world, James Hardie to the business. Having called on builders directly and having worked extensively with suppliers, he understands what many other builders offer and how to get those things in the most efficient manner. William assists in the overall operations of the business.